My latch hook project didn’t come with the color chart.  How can I get one?

Remove the face sheet from the front of the box and turn it over – the chart should be there.  If it’s not, please e-mail customersupport@mcgtextiles.com and request a chart.  Be sure to include the kit number and name as well as your shipping address.

I am missing components in my kit, how do I get them?

MCG Textiles stands behind it’s products 100% and will correct any errors that occurred in the manufacturing of your kit.  If you encounter any shortages please e-mail customersupport@mcgtextiles.com and request the missing supplies.  Be sure to include the floss or yarn numbers and names as well as an estimate of how much more you need.  Don’t forget your shipping address!

What brand of floss do you use in your kits?

The floss included in our kits is available to manufacturers only.  If you have run short of a color you can either contact us for more (customersupport@mcgtextiles.com) or match as best as possible at your local craft store.

What is the difference between 3.3, 3.75 and 5-mesh canvases?

The number indicates how many holes there are per inch.  3.3 canvas will have the largest holes as there are only 3.3 per inch.  5-mesh canvas will have the smallest holes as there are 5 per inch.  If you hooked the same design on all 3 canvases, the design on 3.3-mesh would be the largest and the one on 5-mesh would be the smallest.  All three canvases can be used for latch hook and locker hooking.

I’ve designed my own latch hook project, how do I determine how many packs of yarn I need?

If your project is all one color, multiply the number of squares wide x the number of squares high then divide by 320 (the number of pieces of yarn in each pack).  If your design has multiple colors you will need to count how many squares of each color there are and divide each total by 320.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I send a check or money order?

Yes you can!  Just complete your order on-line and when you get to the final page where you are asked for your credit card information stop.  Print that page and mail it to us along with a check in US Funds.  This page gives  us your shipping address and product ordered information. Mail to: MCG Textiles, Attn: Orders, 596 Crane Street, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

What is your return policy?

If for any reason you choose to return a product you purchased directly from us, we will refund the purchase price to your credit card account. You may return your product in the original unopened package within 45 days for a full refund or exchange. We will need your order # or date that you placed the order. Shipping charges are not refundable and you are responsible for the return shipping charges.  We do not charge a restocking fee for our customers.

If you purchased the item from a store, you will have to return it to the store where it was purchased.  

Will you service an MCG Textiles item that I bought second hand?

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee any second-hand purchases, only those bought on our website or at a retailer.

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