I had planned to write an off-topic post, to fill you in on my Ravellenics knitting project that ruled my life for a couple of weeks, but instead a force of nature has temporarily put it on a back burner.

And that force of nature can be summed up in one word….


My heart has been breaking for all of MCG Textiles’ fans that are in, or know someone who is in, Isaac’s path.

When I look around my home I see countless treasures that my friends and family painstakingly made for me, or that I made for myself.  First and foremost is protecting life, but if there is time, how does one decide what treasures are more important than others?  I absolutely positively do not know how I would decide, except to say that the ones made from my hands would be less important, as I could replace them, but those made from the loving hands of others would be first into my evacuation vehicle.

Am I naive?  Would I really grab the treasures of others?  I don’t know for sure, but I do know that I live in an earthquake zone and I have a “grab ‘n go” bag in case of evacuation.  on top of that bag is a list of times to grab if I have time.  It’s broken down my room and I update it every year.

Amazingly, after grabbing my kitties, my “grab n go” bag (food, important docs, first aid kit, change of clothes, personal care items, flashlight, water, etc), my laptop, my camera, family photos, a rug I locker hooked for my dining room and the paintings I have from my Mom, the rest of the items are more of a survival nature than an emotional nature.

Which is why I made the initial list and annually update it during a non-emotional time, and why I keep that list on the top of my “grab ‘n go” bag.  Should I ever need it, I need to be able to focus on the necessary rather than letting the heart rule.

All of that being said, if you my fellow crafters, were ever faced with an evacuation scenario, what would you grab?  Would you take any crafting supplies or projects that you completed?  Or would you focus on hand-made gifts from others? Would you be sure to pack survival supplies first or family photos?  Before you answer, think about a time limit of as little as a 1 hour before a mandatory evacuation that comes with minimal warning…then think about it with a 1 hour mandatory evacuation that follows a 3 hour warning.  Then think about what is really important to your survival, heart and soul.  And do this when the chance of an emergency evacuation is so remote that those around you laugh at the time and energy you are expending.

And remember that whatever you choose to pack will be all the history of your life that you bring into tomorrow…

Would you bring any craft supplies/projects….what would they be…who made them? And why would you choose them?  Let me know!

No matter your answer, please pray for all those who are in Isaac’s path…

Until next time…keep being crafty

~~ Emmie ~~

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