I tried my very best to get a couple of posts written before I headed off on vacation, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  Between getting all my work commitments done, prepping for kitty care/house sitter and just getting myself packed, it’s been a couple of weeks of non-stop chaos.

The good news is that I’ve hit that pre-vacation point where I’ve decided that if I haven’t packed it or I haven’t done it then it’s just too bad.

While I am being waited on hand and foot I am planning to get a lot of writing done, including blog posts.  I’m bringing my netbook, not my laptop.  Since the netbook doesn’t have my work programs loaded…well…I can’t work even if I want to  😉

Where am I going?  Well, I’ll tell you when I get back.  If you’re also on vacation and see a gal crafting away, stop by and say “hi” – it might just be me!!!  I will let you know that I’m embarking on 11 days of new experiences…half of which will be doing nothing (a TOTALLY new experience) while the balance will be full of fresh air and awesome new adventures.

Lest you think I’ll be totally removed from the crafting world, one of my preparations was Googling craft shops in the places I’ll be.  Here’s hoping I find something totally new and wonderful to explore and share!

This brings me to a question for all of you.  When you go on vacation, does your crafting self stay at home or are  you constantly on the look-out for craft shops or people who are crafting in public?  And do you pack a project or two between your clothes?

My answers are yes and yes…but what about you?  I’ll be anxious to see what you have to say when I get back!

Until next time…keep being crafty

~~ Emmie ~~

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