Vacation Finds

Well folks I’m home from vacation and all rested up (sort of)!

As promised in my pre-vacation post, I’ll tell you where I’ve been, but I’m going to do it in an Emmie way – with hints!

  1. Ocean
  2. Traveling Hotel
  3. Rainforest
  4. Sunshine
  5. Zip-lining
  6. Snorkeling
  7. Helicopter Ride
  8. Hiking
  9. Bike Riding
  10. Spoiled Rotten

Do you know where I was, or at least what I was on?

If you said a cruise then pat yourself on the back – you’re right!!!!

If you said the Bahamas, South America or any other warm place then….you’re wrong.  L  I was in Alaska!!!

I know all my hints sound like things in a warm climate, but they apply to Alaska as well, at least while I was there.  I mentioned the rainforest because until I was hiking through one, I never knew that Alaska has a rainforest!  And I mentioned sunshine because it is so rare along the Alaskan coast at this time of year – most days are at least overcast, and 300 of 365 of them are rainy!  This past week was so rare in the weather department that it was the talk of every port we were in…  Every.  Single.  One.

I won’t share all the fun details of the cruise but I will let you know that I kept a watchful eye for onboard crafters, participated in one onboard craft activity and visited local fabric/yarn stores in every port.

What did I find?

Onboard there were a handful of knitters and one needlepointer.  I chatted with each of the ladies and found that they, like me, were very content to relax onboard with their hobby of choice and anxious to check out the stores in port.  Since I spent a lot of time off the ship on excursions I didn’t sit and knit with my fellow passengers, but I was able to make 10 newborn hats that will be part of the donation my Stitch ‘N Bitch group is making to a local hospital.

There were two different onboard crafting activities, each offered 3 different times – water color painting and scrapbooking.  I did one of the water color classes and my sister did one of the scrapbooking classes.  More people participated in the water color class then the instructor expected, and many of them were men.  I don’t know why I was surprised to see men, but I was.  :-/

The instructor in the scrapbooking class didn’t make any mention about the number of participants so my sister guesses attendance was about what they expected.

Though I’m not a scrapbooker, I am a crafter, and my crafting self noted that in most souvenir shops scrapbooking supplies were on display!  The majority of the supplies were Alaska themed stickers, many packaged as groups of sticker sheets of varying sizes and images, and a select few also included blue or ocean themed sheets of paper.

When I went ashore I discovered that there must have been quilters and/or sewers on board too because the fabric/yarn shop in Skagway was humming with tourists, and at the time, we were the only ship in port.  While most customers were busy exploring the fabrics, I had the yarn area all to myself.  In Juneau there were 2 yarn shops and one fabric/cross stitch shop.  When I visited two of the three (one yarn shop was not open) I was the only customer in both, but I supported them.

True to my word in my pre-vacation post, I brought home a part of Alaska that will keep my crafting fingers busy and remind me of our 49th state every time I look at or wear my finished projects.

Do you support local craft shops when you’re out and about on vacation?  Do these purchases work like movies and instantly bring you back to the pictures and memories of your trip (even if they are permanent residents of your stash)?

Until next time…keep being crafty

~~ Emmie ~~

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