Locker Hooking Corners The Easy Way

If you’re making a locker hooking rug, place mat or other project with finished edges, them I’m sure you’re following the instructions and folding the canvas under on all sides and hooking through all layers at the same time.

If you are, I’m pretty confident that, like me, you’ve encountered some struggles when it comes to the corners because you’re hooking through FOUR layers of canvas.  No matter how carefully I fold back the canvas edges, the four layers never line up well for those 9 corner squares.

Since I love locker hooking and I hate struggling with anything, I spent some time experimenting with resolutions to the corner problem and have come up with one that works for me.  It makes the hooking project so much easier that I thought I’d share it with you!

Note:  I’m right handed so I work right to left.  If you’re left handed and work left to right, please substitute “left” for “right” in all the directions below. 

Here we go…

First, fold three rows to the back along all four sides of your canvas. As you do this you’ll notice that two opposing sides fold easily (twisted canvas threads) and two are a bit more difficult to fold nicely so the holes line up (parallel canvas threads).  I consider hooking through the corners a two-stage process.  Stage 1 is the easy-to-fold sides and stage 2 is the more difficult to fold sides.

Bearing that in mind, let’s do Stage 1.  Grab your canvas so an easily folded side is on the right and a not so easily folded side is on the bottom.  With only the bottom side folded, count in from the unfolded right edge and place the tip of your locker hook tool through both layers of the 4th square.  The 3 empty squares are the turn under for the right edge.

Now on to Stage 2.

Gradually fold the right edge towards the center of the canvas.  Your locker hook tool should angle to the right until the tip finds the square immediately to the right of where it first went into the canvas.

As you push the locker hook tool through that square, the lightweight aluminum tool is doing all the hard work for you and lining up the four layers of canvas!

The great news is that it’s not just the first square that gets lined up, but all 9 squares where the canvas is quadrupled!

Now that the holes are lined up perfectly your corners will be a breeze!

Hint:  when hooking these 9 squares, I still slide the loops off my tool one at a time as I hook them as opposed to sliding 8 or more off because of the bulkiness of the 4 canvas layers

Until next time…keep being crafty

~~ Emmie~~

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