Let’s Share The Crafting Excitement!

Do you remember how excited you were when you received a craft kit as a kid?  Did a smile spread across your face?  Did your eyes try to take in every detail of the package and the goodies inside?  Did it take every ounce of willpower you had not to jump right into this new craft project to the exclusion of everything and everyone around you?  What did you get?

That was me at Christmas and my birthday…a spring coiled tightly and waiting to explode with creativity after all gifts were opened and everyone left or busied themselves with their own gifts.

I completely forgot that feeling until I was in Hobby Lobby last week and came across this kit…

This box brought back memories of the Sand Art projects I did as a kid.  As I walked around the store what also came flooding back from the deep recesses of my memory was the frustration I encountered doing the first couple projects.   I kept at it though and soon became quite good, though not an expert by any means.

As I walked past the aisles and aisles (and MORE aisles) of Christmas everything that was beckoning to me, my memory changed from frustration to the excitement I mentioned above.  I’m sure that feeling was very evident because of the hugeness of my smile, my twinkling eyes and the spring in my step.  I may have even giggled a bit.

Christmas is just around the corner and even if you or I aren’t the recipients of that crafting gift, we can give it to others and watch them light up just like we did!

MCG Textiles has the PERFECT small kits for your young crafters…or the older generation who like to craft but whose eyesight no longer allows them to work on projects with tiny details.

The first line is EZ Yarn Art.  There are 6 different designs that fit perfectly in an 8″ x 10″ frame when they’re done.  Included in the kit are a pre-printed and pre-slotted foam board, acrylic yarn, the tool and easy-to-follow instructions.  You can see the entire line and the video demonstration if you click here.

The next line is the EZ Stitchin’ Line.  These six 5″ x 7″ designs are cross stitched on 5-mesh canvas.  The designs are colorful and fun…and perfect for both older and younger crafters!  The kits include canvas, acrylic yarn, plastic needle, chart and easy-to-follow instructions.  Click here to see the fabulous designs!

The last line is the Beginnin’ Stitchin’ Line.  This line offers ten 5″ x 7″ designs that will appeal to boys and girls, young and old.  The fabric included is 6-count Aida but instead of full cross stitches you do half cross stitches – kind of like needlepoint on cross stitch fabric.  Each kit contains fabric, acrylic yarn, plastic needle, frame (the same color as pictured), chart and easy-to-follow instructions.  Are you in the shopping mood?  Well click here to see the designs included in this line!

Are you looking forward to getting someone excited about crafting this holiday season?  Who will it be and with what craft/kit?   Be sure to let us know!

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