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My experience + fellow crafters’ experience = awesome tips & tricks to make your crafting more fun. Check back often!

Fractional Stitches

Though cross stitch is a fun and relaxing hobby for people who stitch, for the designers who create the charts, some times cross stitch is an exercise in frustration. Why? Squares! Whether you’re working on aida, evenweave or linen, you … Continue reading

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Locker Hooking Corners The Easy Way

If you’re making a locker hooking rug, place mat or other project with finished edges, them I’m sure you’re following the instructions and folding the canvas under on all sides and hooking through all layers at the same time. If … Continue reading

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What’s A Dart?

The folks over at MCG Textiles have an awesome line of latch hook stuffed animals they call Huggables.   To make these cuties  (only some of which are pictured here) you latch hook all the pieces then follow the instructions to … Continue reading

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Reaching Your Crafting Deadlines

Last week the good folks at MCG posted on their Facebook page that I’m very busy with a knitting project…and they’re right!  I’m working on 2 projects for the Ravelry Ravellenics Games (the knitting world’s Olympics) – the scarf is … Continue reading

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Uneven Yarn Ends

I don’t know about you, but when I latch hook, no matter how hard I try, my yarn ends do not always end up the same length.  I match them up when I put them around the hook, but somehow … Continue reading

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